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    Richard Hutman - Artist Statement

    I have always drawn. From the beginning, I enjoyed it. Wandering and curiosity led to far off places and people. Drawing, painting and travel went hand in hand: discovering ancient civilizations, sacred sites, cafes, castles, museums, villages - and the people that inhabit them. Sketching has engraved them in my memory.

    Born in Baltimore, MD and armed with degrees in Architecture and Urban Design, I came west - lured by the California dream and bold visions of iconic building projects. Some of those dreams were realized - creative collaborations with architects, consultants and contractors and landmark projects such as the Getty Center, Hollywood Bowl, Farmers Market and Disney Hall. California also stirred a need and passion for art and long dormant skills in figure drawing, water color, and sculpture. In time, digital photography and architecture would become the catalysts for a new reality: archaeological remnants of an ancient civilization that never was. Twenty-five years in the making, the scanned original works on folded paper are a personal and metaphorical journey to another time, to mythic archaeological digs. These fragments of cities lost in time are an amalgam of personal observation, reflection, and imagination. For source material, I scanned hundreds of original drawings and paintings made on six continents from 1985 to date. Pencil and watercolor images record landscapes, museum works, nude models, and chance encounters in distant lands - a blurring of memory, history and imagination; fact and fancy. Recent works feature brilliant colors and bold patterns.

    Educational background: B. Arch. (Cornell University) and M. Arch. and Urban Design (Washington University, St. Louis). Art studios and workshops (Santa Monica College and UCLA Extension) with inspiration and encouragement from Southern California artists including Jan Stussy, Sam Amato, Jim Urmston, Maurizio Barattucci, and Linda Lopez.

    Shows and Publications:
    • First Leo Baeck Temple Art Show, Los Angeles, February 2012
    • "Chain Letter", Shoshona Wayne Gallery, Bergamot Station, Los Angeles, July 2011
    • "A Conversation", Upstairs at the Market Gallery, Los Angeles, June 2010
    • "Faces and Places", Drawings and Paintings by Richard Hutman, a limited edition book, 2009
    Richard Hutman
    1051 N. Kenter Avenue, Los Angeles, CA. 90049
    Phone: 310 476-4005