Richard Hutman
Lost Cities
Initial Discoveries   Recent Findings

Excavation of Lost Cities in 2010 revealed ancient ruins covered mostly in drawings with a few paintings. Hence, the name: In The Time of Pencils. Tiny variations in otherwise identical building blocks generated a dazzling array of geometric stacking patterns. Each pattern evolved in its own unique fashion - vertically and horizontally. Digital photography and architecture transformed folded paper and memory into a new reality: archaeological remnants of an ancient civilization that never was.
Years of exploration would yield fresh breakthroughs. Decorative drawings and watercolors gave way to brilliant colors and bold patterns. Discovery of the Wall and Square patterns would bring to seven the number of distinctive geometric stacking patterns. Identical building groups in multiples of four were found in symmetrical clusters, known as Quads. The first hybrid pattern successfully integrated features of several stacking patterns, suggesting the existence of yet to be discovered combinations.